First Link on the Chain!

Posted On November 28, 2010

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The first day of the Christmas chain:
Set up your advent calendar(s)
Some of you will have a calendar already and perhaps even a chocolate one. For those of you without one, go out and buy one!! Or, if that is not a possibility, there are a number of very entertaining virtual ones to bookmark. You could try the following:

These two are for children but have some fun ideas

This one is a flash file but it is fun,,248451,00.html

And this is a virtual advent calendar on facebook

So you have no excuses for not getting into the spirit!!


Why is advent important to me?

Posted On November 28, 2010

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Because my parents came over to Canada when I was very young, I never had much contact with my grandparents. I was always a little envious of my friends who had that multi-generational influence on their childhood.

My contact with my grandparents was primarily through letters and parcels. Every year, my grandmother would send an advent calendar. It was usually a beautiful picture with lots of sparkles on it and numbered doors to open. Behind each door was a picture of something related to Christmas. I still search for calendars that are equally beautiful and I have yet to succeed. Perhaps it is that my childhood memory has glossed it over to something more than it actually was. I don’t know. For the most part the advent calendars I see for sale now have cheap chocolate and no picture behind. The few that have pictures just don’t have those sparkles!

Even so, I still enjoy the counting down to Christmas that an advent calendar represents. The one that I still love is one that I bought when my eldest was about 3 years old. It is of Noah’s ark and each day of advent another pair of animals is placed onto the cardboard ship. For my children I think that this is also the most important advent calendar, too.

This website has a history of the advent calendar and some beautiful pictures