December 2nd – Day 2 of the Chain

Posted On December 2, 2011

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Today is a day for sharing!  Take some time to rummage around and find a recipe to share with everyone – you can put it in the comments section.  The recipe could be for cookies, treats or perhaps a fabulous dinner – something that you always wanted to try.  I suggest that raisins should be excluded from the ingredient list 🙂



5 Responses to “December 2nd – Day 2 of the Chain”

  1. Sarah

    I stumbled on this a few months ago, It looks amazing!

  2. Jan

    That looks absolutely amazing. Andrew says that he has a recipe for chocolate chip cookie brownie pie as well!

  3. JanJan

    I think that this sounds really good and much easier than the croquembouche I was also considering!

  4. Corey

    Here is mine 🙂 These turned out amazing when I made them last Christmas!

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